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Last updated: 2020/05/26

  • This Helpdesk summarizes information about online classes for students and professors of this faculty.

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  1. Counter-measure information on COVID-19 is summarized on the website of Tokyo Metropolitan University. Please check the link below for information. Link
  2. Please refrain from calling or asking the office for inquiries. Email your contact point.
    [Academic Affairs Section:]
    (For inquiries, please contact the office by Email.)
  3. For department inquiries, please contact each department by Email.
    Information for each department inquiry is posted on the last page of this site.

For students

About online classes and supports

Contact address of department

For inquiry regarding the Internet environment, equipment used and measures for distance learning in each department, please contact your department.

Department・Program Contact addressContact address
Department of Computer Science

For undergraduate students
For graduate students

Department of
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
 Computer Systems Program
 Electrical and Computer Engineering Program

For 1st year undergraduate students
For 2nd year undergraduate students
For 3rd year undergraduate students
For graduate students(Minami-Osawa Campus)
For graduate students(Hino Campus)
Other(Managers of Department)

Department of
Mechanical Systems Engineering
 Intelligent Mechanical Systems Program
 Biomechanical Engineering Program

For undergraduate students
For graduate students

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Representative
Department of Industrial Art

For students
    Please contact from iaWiki or slack IAWiki.

Office portal site

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About connecting bus service

For teachers