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Dean's message to students

システムデザイン学部長 諸貫 信行
Dean, Faculty of
Systems Design

Dean, Graduate School of
Systems Design


New Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection confuses the whole world. In addition to the inconvenience of daily life, including online classes, research work and/or job hunting, you may worry about your future. But please do not be pessimistic.

Looking back on history in the 14th century, after the plague infection in Europe, capitalism has begun and the Renaissance flowered in the field of art. Similarly, some kind of "revolution" may occur after this Corona infection. It may be a change in social systems, or it may be a change in our life style. It is you who play a leading role in such "revolution", because you will finish your studies and are about to enter the society.

What you need now is (1) observing the current society with a systematic way of thinking, and (2) how to solve the current problems and establish a new system. Many of you may be confused about the latter. However, please proceed with the former "observation". Such efforts will strengthen your "power" as well as your abilities, which will be definitely useful later. For example, the effort of "thinking" what is behind the press information and why is never wasted.

Last but not least, please cherish your connection with your family. Your family is always concerned about you. It is good to convey gratitude. If you still have problems, please contact the university. The university always supports you.

Dean, Faculty of Systems Design
Dean, Graduate School of Systems Design
Tokyo Metropolitan University