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Have a Dream

Dean Nobuyuki MORONUKI
Dean MORONUKI Nobuyuki

A “system” is a mechanism created through the combination of diverse components or elements to accomplish a specified function. “Design” has the meaning of planning or drawing schematics. So, “Systems Design” means to create new systems.

Creating new systems is not easy, of course; it is something that can be achieved only as the result of studying diverse fields and going through lots of trial and error. Realization of a new system that astonishes the world brings you great pleasure, though your contribution to it may be limited to a small fraction. With smartphones having come into common use, we can obtain a great deal of information instantaneously. With all kinds of machine elements or devices connected to networks, manufacturing is becoming much more efficient. These advances will make our lives more convenient. Do you have a hunch that even more stylish new services will begin in the near future? Have your individual dream. You will have a role in realizing such dreams or systems, and we could say that the Faculty of Systems Design exists to give a strong boost to the realization of such visions.

The Faculty of Systems Design has been reconstructed in 2018. The electrical engineering and mechanical engineering courses, previously divided between the Minami-Osawa Campus and the Hino Campus, were brought together under the Faculty of Systems Design. The faculty consists of five departments: the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the Department of Industrial Art. While some departments still straddle the two campuses, they all pursue leading-edge research and education.

A characteristic of the Faculty of Systems Design is cross-department study. In addition to the systematic curriculum provided in each department, students can take subjects from other departments (some restrictions may apply). Many graduates go on to the Graduate School of Systems Design, which provides a cross-domain Research Project Seminar as a required elective, and cultivates the insight from multiple perspectives by conducting open evaluations by several faculty members at the end of each term. As an outcome of this specialized education, the faculty and graduate school have produced many engineers and researchers who are active in the front lines of different industries and academic societies.

We gladly welcome students who already have big dreams as well as those who want to find their individual dreams. You do not need to have a detailed dream right now. Why not come dream together with us, and start studying to create new systems?

Dean, Faculty of Systems Design
Dean, Graduate School of Systems Design
Tokyo Metropolitan University