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Division of Industrial Art


“Dreams" are the source of energy for learning.


In all ages, dreams have been a driving force for new discoveries. The Division of Industrial Art provides an interdisciplinary education that combines engineering and “art & design”. The curriculum emphasizes fostering creativity and communications. Enthusiasm for learning will last if you have a dream. Find out your own dream and keep challenging to make it come true.

As creative professionals in the field of art & design, it is essential to have open and flexible mind for finding solutions, as well as technical skills and sensitivity in expression.

We educate future designers with curiosity, sensitivity and refined technical skills to express themselves. We welcome innovative, creative and active students who place high value on communications with people. You can transform your imagination into reality by drawing your own blueprint for the future.

Product Design Core
Equipment Design: Housewares, electric appliances and industrial instruments. Living Design: Spatial products as an intermediate concept between furniture and architecture. Transportation Design: Cars and public transportations such as railroads and ships. Space Design: Commercial and public space. Ergonomics: Scientific study on various products with human factors in mind.

Media Art Core
Interactive Art & Design: Advanced media technology to offer new communications tools and esthetic experiences. Graphic Design: Graphic user interface design in print and digital media. Software Design: Computer programs for the creation of new values. Network Design: Exploration of possibilities for new communications. Motion Design: Motion graphic design including CG animation and video. Study of Art: Esthetics, art history and design history to provide knowledge of how to incorporate artistic activities into social system to create new values. Editing:Culture and representation through the concept of editorial engineering.

In the field of media art, you will have various chances to work such as a media artist in charge of design and production, the area which handles cutting-edge media in such as broadcast stations, animation and films, Internet businesses, publication of magazines and books, planning and design of advertisements and print media.


Promoting cultural activities with creativity

Tokyo has been attracting attention from all over the world as a center of culture and industry. The Division of Industrial Art aims to educate professionals such as creators, designers, artists and producers who will contribute to the creation of culture by rebuilding the framework of industrial activities from engineering and artistic perspectives.

Curriculum Characteristics


Basic comprehensive workshop is designed to offer students opportunities for practical learning in the areas of design and media. Students obtain technical skills and knowledge in the two core programs of “product design”, “media art”.

Along with multidisciplinary and practical learning, students work on a bachelor’s thesis in 12 studios.