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Division of Information and Communication Systems

Course Features  

Our Mission

  [1] Information and Communication Technology in Today's world

 Today we live in an information society. Information technology permeates our daily lives, while sustaining a series of urban activities. In such a society, it is extremely important to develop information systems that can transmit and process data with no failures.

[2] We educate future engineers with solid fundamental knowledge

  Division of Information and Communication Systems aims to offer students fundamentals of information systems engineering and communications systems engineering, which are the basis of our information-intensive society. In addition, we provide a wide range of technical skills required for information and communication applications that are supporting our daily lives and business activities. Our mission is to educate future engineers who take on a leadership role to face the challenges of the fast changing world with emerging technologies.  

[3] Areas of concentration

  In order to achieve our mission, we offer students interdisciplinary education covering the following areas: highly reliable communication technologies, high speed and large capacity transmission technology, multimedia signal processing, information network technology, information security technology, reliable and high-performance computing, intelligent web technology, and intelligent interface technology.

Curriculum features


Students are offered programs in their first and second year at Minami Osawa campus, and then move to Hino campus in their third and fourth year. At Minami Osawa campus, they study fundamentals of information and communications technology. At Hino campus, students gain a well-balanced education in the field of information and communications systems, computer systems, software, and artificial intelligent systems. Our curriculum is designed to offer comprehensive knowledge in the field of information and communication systems. It also allows students to tailor the curriculum to their interests so that they can further deepen their areas of expertise.

Career path

Most undergraduate students go to graduate school to receive a master's degree. They have successfully entered a wide range of industries when they graduate. Industries that have hired our graduates include information systems, telecommunications, Consumer electronics, Electronic components, and Industrial machinery. 

Major employers of our graduates

NTT Data Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Yahoo Japan Corporation, NEC Corporation, Denso Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation.