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Division of Intelligent Mechanical Systems

Features of our Division


Today our society faces challenges such as environmental issues, aging population, declining birthrate, and diminishing global competitiveness in manufacturing. These complex issues cannot be solved by conventional approaches. The Division of Intelligent Mechanical Systems aims to promote research and education in order to address these challenges focusing on the following two points.
One is a human-centered perspective. Innovation can be created by a thorough understanding of what people need when they need it.
The other is an integrated perspective. We seek to create solutions in order to make a positive difference to society by a multidisciplinary approach, integrating software and hardware technologies.


Curriculum Features

As a large and diverse university, we provide students with a wide range of foundation courses including foreign language classes taught by native speakers, which will be followed by a variety of core courses.

After completing these courses, students work on thesis with the faculty member who is responsible for direction of thesis research and writing.

Completion of course requirements and acceptance of thesis lead to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering. Students have options to go on to graduate school to obtain master’s and doctoral degree in engineering to build a career in the field of research, product development and education.

Under the supervision of faculty members specializing in the four areas listed below, students develop their problem solving skills while gaining applicable knowledge and skills to tackle new challenges.

1. Control and Robotics
Area of focus:

2. Human and System Engineering
Area of focus:


3. Material, Process and Measurement
Area of focus:


Career path

More than 70% of undergraduate students go on to graduate school. They have successfully entered a wide range of industries when they graduate.

Major employers of our graduates

Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, NEC Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, Olympus Corporation, Canon Inc., Nikon Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Mazda Motor Corporation, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Sony LSI Design Inc., Texas Instruments Japan Limited, The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd., Yahoo Japan Corporation.