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Department of Intelligent Mechanical Systems

Education / Research

The Department of Intelligent Mechanical Systems provides an interdisciplinary education covering the four areas listed below.
Our curriculum is designed to provide students with comprehensive technical skills necessary for the creation of intelligent systems through research and laboratory experiences. Under the supervision of faculty member, students are encouraged to write research papers for conferences and journals in preparation for master's or doctoral thesis.
Our master’s program includes project-based learning opportunities so that students can build research skills while pursuing their self-designed projects.

Intelligent Systems Control

Area of focus:

【Major Requirements】

Master course : Environmental Systems Control, Digital Control Theory, Advanced Control Theory, etc.

Doctor course : Special Lecture of Intelligent System Control, etc.

【Main Research Areas】

    • Intelligent systems control of complex new energy system such as solar energy, wind energy and fuel cells.
    • Reduction of electromagnetic interference generated by inverters
    • Control design theory for adaptive controls, digital controls, and time delay controls and their applied areas
    • Robust control based on H-infinity control, development of predictive control methods and their applications to mechanical systems.
    • Development, control and evaluation of assistive robots


Intelligent System Design

Area of focus:

Service CAD

Creative design support systems based on abduction


Partner Robots

【Major Requirements】

Master course : Advanced Lecture of Robotic Intelligence, Life-cycle Design, Robotic System Design, etc.

Doctor course : Special Lecture of Intelligent System Design, etc.

【Main Research Areas】

Biological System Engineering

Area of focus:

Head impact experiment

Evaluation of the motion and muscle activity of wheelchair users with disabilities traveling in motor vehicle at the time of a sudden stop and a start

Noninvasive imaging of the brain
(Click the image to enlarge)

Haptic Virtual Reality System
Haptic Virtual Reality System

【Major Requirements】

Master course : Virtual Reality, Human Information Processing, Biological Processing, etc.

Doctor course : Special Lecture of Bioengineering

【Main Research Areas】


 Functional Devices

Area of focus:

Self-assembly of fine particles on patterned wettability

Applications to Bioanalysis(Click the image to enlarge)
Devices for bioanalysis
(Click the image to enlarge)

Silicone Optical Waveguide Modulator Pattern
Silicone optical waveguide modulator pattern

【Major Requirements】

Master course :Microsystems, Fabrication and Evaluation for Micro Devices, Nanostructured Materials and Devices for Sustainable Technology, etc.

Doctor course :Special Lecture of Functional devices etc.

【Main Research Areas】


Department Requirements and Offered Degrees

Requirements for a Master's Degree
Requirements for a Doctoral Degree (PhD degree in Engineering)