1.General Information
Q1.What can I study at Graduate School of System Design?

A1.Please see the pages of  “RESEARCHER” on TMU web site. You can see the researches and faculty. Please note English pages are the summary of pages in Japanese. 

Q2.Are there any types for candidates? When can I apply for admission?

A2.Yes. There are types for candidates, 3 types for April enrollment and 2 types for October enrollment. If you wish to enroll admit in April, you may apply in summer and winter. There are a very few quota for enrollment in winter. Enrollment in Master’s program starts only in April but Doctoral Program students can choose either April or October for enrollment.

Programs Types for selection

 April Enrollment (summer and winter applications)

 Master’s & Doctoral

General Students
Employee Students
International Students
October Enrollment Doctoral General Students
Employee Students
International Students
Q3.Do I need to find my prospective supervisor before application?

A3.Yes. You need to contact your prospective supervisor and have his/her agreement of your admission. If not, we will reject your application. In all selection, candidates require the signature of the prospective supervisor on the Admission Approval.

Q4.How do I find my prospective supervisor? How can I make a contact?

A4.E-mail addresses are listed on the “RESEARCHER” pages of TMU web site. You can send e-mails and make contact with your prospective supervisor.

Q5.Do I need to find my prospective supervisor by my own?

A5.Yes. Administration office does not provide any help for your contact. Please find your prospective supervisor by yourself. Please see “RESEARCHER” pages of TMU web site.

Q6.Tell me about the entrance examinations.

A6.Examination subjects are listed below. We take either TOEFL or TOEIC score as an English proficiency test result. Details in Math and Specialized Subject examinations differ in each department.

Department Master's program Doctoral program
Computer Science English/Mathematics/Interview Oral examination
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science English/Specialized Subject/Interview Oral examination
Mechanical Systems Engineering English/Mathematics/Interview Oral examination
Aeronautics and Astronautics English/Mathematics/Specialized Subject/Interview Oral examination
Industrial Art English/Essay/Interview Oral examination
Q7.Do I need to take either TOEFL or TOEIC?

A7.Yes. General and International Students who wish to apply for Master’s program need to enclosure TOEFL-iBT or TOEIC Official Score Certificate when applying. The certification must be issued within two years from the entrance examination day. Please see the pages of Reminders in “Application Guideline in Japanese” thoroughly and prepare for the application.

Q8.Can I see “Application Guideline” on your web site? Is it in English?

A8.You can see “Application Guideline ” on TMU web site (Click here). However, English version is not available now. If you want to ask questions in English, please contact "info-sd@ml.tmu.ac.jp"

Q9.How can I get brochures and “Application Guideline with Forms included”?

A9.We send by mail or hand out at the administration office. All the brochures and Guideline are free. But when getting by mail, you first need to send an A4 envelope with stamps on. (See details here.)

Q10.Can I see the previous examination questions?

A10.Yes, we hand out the examination questions of past two years by mail or at the administration office. There are no example answers. The examination questions older than the past two years are available to see at the administration office.

2.Information for International Students
Q11.Tell me about the selection for International Students.

A11.We have special selection for the International Students for April and October enrollment.  (October enrollment is only available for Doctoral program.)  All candidates must make contact with prospective supervisor before application. Please note most of the classes are in Japanese. You may require the ability of Japanese language.

Q12.How many International Students enroll to Graduate School of System Design?

A12.About 0 to 10 students enroll in April every year.

Q13.Can an International Student apply as a General Student?

A13.Yes. The qualifications of General Students applying for Master’s program also include “The attendance of recognized academic institutions and the assumption or completion of degree programs representing 16 years of schooling outside Japan”. Very few International Students apply as a General Student. You may be aware you will be under same conditions as well as Japanese students.

Q14.Do I need to have the Assessment for Applicant Eligibility?

A14.Assessment for Applicant Eligibility depends on which qualification you correspond to. Most of the International Students applying for Master’s program correspond to “The attendance of recognized academic institutions and the assumption or completion of degree programs representing 16 years of schooling outside Japan” and in this case, you do need to have the Assessment for Applicant Eligibility. If not qualifying, you will be rejected for application.

Q15.Can I answer in English with my examination?

A15.Yes. You may answer either in English or in Japanese. Please note all the questions are in Japanese.

Q16.Do I have to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test?

A16.Voluntarily submission of evidence of Japanese proficiency test is asked for International Students who are applying for Master’s program selection. Most of the students submit the copies of the certificate of JLPT.

Q17.Can I take classes in English?

A17. Classes of Master’s program at TMU are mostly in Japanese so you may require Japanese language skills.

Q18.Can I obtain scholarship?

A18.You may apply for public financial support programs for International Students or private international scholarship foundation after being admitted to TMU. Please be reminded that not all the students can obtain those scholarships. TMU has tuition fee reduction or exemption system for excellent private-financed students.

Q19.Is there any chances to work on researches under tuition of my prospective supervisor regardless of enrolling in the graduate school?

A19.”Research Student” are welcome to work on researches of the particular matters supervised by TMU staff. There is no preparatory program for admittance. Admission as a Research Student is valid for one academic year from April, or half an academic year from April or October. Additional details will be on TMU web site.

Q20.How should I obtain further information?

A20. Please contact "admission-sd●jmj.tmu.ac.jp" with following information in the e-mail. Please convert "●" to "@" when sending an e-mail. 1.Your name 2.Desired program (Master's or Doctoral) 3.Desired department 4.Preferable supervisor 5.Questions Please note some of the questions may not be answered or take time to be responded.