ADAMS,Verl (アダムス ヴァール ) 2017年度




  1. Group Exhibition with Shin Tsuchiya, José Galarza, Atsushi Yamamoto, Hiroko Yamamoto, Yoshimi Iijima and the Spatial Design Studio “A Place for Contemplation and Reflection – A Memorial for Jane Barrett” TMU X U of U Design Build Workshop, SD Gallery, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Hino, Tokyo, Japan

  1. Honorable Mention in ‘After Dark’, Life Framer International Photography Competition

  1. Photography Selected by Life Framer for Honorable Mention in ‘After Dark’
  2. Photography Selected by LensCulture to be Included in the Online Emerging Talent Competition Gallery
  3. Photographic Series Selected by Life Framer to be Included in the Life Framer Online Collection

  1. National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
  2. Registered Architect (RA), Utah

  1. Architecture, Culture & Spirituality Forum (ACSF)

  1. University of Utah, Design Build Bluff Program, TMU X U of U Design Build Bluff Workshop